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Donation Freebies for September 2021
Hi, Warriors!

Here's our donation package for the month of September!

For customization, please send us a private message.
For further details of the donation packages, kindly see the picture below.
How to donate?
Just follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Donation Transaction
We have 3 official options for our donation which includes:
a. Paypal/Credit Card - Just log in to our website and go to your account's donation panel.
b. Local remittances - Palawan, Cebuana, Mlhuillier, and other local/international remittances are acceptable.
Receiver Details:
First Name: Michelle
Mid Name: Arranchado
Last Name: Punay
Globe: 09950214335
Sun: 09223690518

c. GCash - For GCash donation please PM our page.

Step 2: Claiming of Freebies
Please send a message to our FB page for your transaction and send the following info:
User ID:
Donation Package:
Complete Sender Name:

Scanned Copy or Picture of your receipt
Step 3: After our receiver confirms your donation, freebies processing will follow.
Note: Make sure that you have enough space in your storage for your freebies. Freebies insertion will be done as soon as possible right after the donation confirmation.
Please message our Facebook page for any concerns and other details about the donation process. Thank you!

Donations are voluntary and cover the following:
✅ Dedicated servers, including live, internal, and backup servers
✅ Professional staff and service expenses
✅ Security expenses, including anti-DoS services
✅ Development and expansion of website and server infrastructure Updates na wala sa ibang servers!!!
✅ No Dual in Kruma
✅ Double, Triple Kill, and Savage auto announcement in Pvp Map
✅ No Wallhack
✅ Blinking while running eliminated
✅ Daily Login Rewards
✅ Kill ranking

[Image: Donation-Freebies-Sept-2021-3.jpg]

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