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Merihanna's Ring Sept 2021 - GM Dee - 09-01-2021

Hi, Warriors!
We have already removed all the Merihanna's Rings from the top 1 and 2 supports from each god.
1. Only Top 1 and Top 2 Vidya and Satya per god will get the Merihanna's Rings.
2. The supports (Vidya and Satya) should not have any history of changing jobs and tribes at any time of the season.
3. The supports (Vidya and Satya) should follow the Master Points guidelines.
4. The management and the staff have the right to confiscate the Merihanna's Rings if the aforementioned rules are not being met.
Schedule of monitoring:
September 5, 11:59 PM (Sunday)
September 12, 11:59 PM (Sunday)
September 19, 11:59 PM (Sunday)
September 26, 11:59 PM (Sunday)

[Image: Merihanna-Ring-Sept-2021.png]